Bike Kill

Oct 29, 2014

Bike Kill just concluded another epic year. While we wait to see all the radical recap footage, check out this awesome overview from last year’s Mad Max style bike event in Brooklyn.

No Skateboard

Oct 27, 2014

Dave England provides a public service to ye olde skateboarding ditch.

Paper Airplane Machine Gun

Oct 9, 2014

Now this is our kind of Machine Gun! Hold the violence, add some radness, you got yourself a Paper Airplane machine gun.

Titanic Tuba

Oct 6, 2014

The world’s largest tuba, if it is indeed the largest and if you consider it a tuba, sounds like “a jackhammer” or “a helicopter.” Listen as Derek Fenstermacher,New Jersey Symphony Orchestra‘s principal tuba player, tries to play Big Carl, a tuba-like instrument owned by Carl Fischer Music. From The New York Times:

A typical tuba is about 3 1/2 -feet high, has about 18 feet of tubing and weighs about 20 pounds. Big Carl stands nearly 8 feet tall, contains 60 feet of tubing, weighs about 100 pounds and registers a subcontrabass BBBb pitch. His bell, the widest part, has a diameter just over 40 inches.



Insane Downhill Edit

Sep 30, 2014

This is a ridiculous downhill video part. Hanging on at unimaginable speeds.

Arbor Skateboards shot this bit to promote their skateboards and it definitely gets the nerves going.

5001 Balloons

Sep 17, 2014

Check out this ultimate bowl of radness filled up with 5,001 balloons! You need that last balloon because 5,000 is one less than radical.

Anywhere Drums

Sep 4, 2014

Check out this rad new innovative product. It’s an electronic thingy that turns anything into a real drum set! We might just have to order one and hook it up to 5 Krash helmets for 5 times the radness.

How It’s Made: Bike Chain

Sep 2, 2014

Ever wonder how bike chains are made? Neither did we, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t super awesome to find out! Do you have a favorite How It’s Made? Send it in and we’ll feature it on our blog!

How a Bean Becomes a Fart

Aug 28, 2014

Super pumped for Labor Day Weekend? Are you going to be gnoshing hard on some good old American BBQ this weekend? Why don’t you server yourself up a side of science and knowledge and check out this clean video about how your beans get turned into farts.

Earthquake Glue

Aug 25, 2014


Amid property damage and serious injuries in today’s earthquake in Napa Valley, leave it to skateboarders to find some joy. From Twitter user Dudley Storey.

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