Urban Isolation

Jul 21, 2014

Even in the wee hours of the morning, it’s hard to catch an empty L.A. freeway completely devoid of cars. However, in filmmaker Russell Houghten’s breathtaking and haunting video, he gives us a glimpse of what it would look like to skateboard through the freeways and streets as if the city were a ghost town.

Minecraft Star Wars

Jul 17, 2014

So some maniacs with way too much time actually built the entire original trailer for the orginal Star Wars in minecraft. Totally startastic you guys!

Ultimate Skim Board Wave

Jul 15, 2014

Check out this insane video of the world’s largest wave ever shredded by a skim board. Kooks are getting hard core!

Crazy Optical Illusions

Jul 10, 2014

Hey Krash people! Check out this super weird video. If you actually can make it through the whole thing, everything looks super funky for a few seconds! Check it out.

Street performer Isaac Hou rides a Cyr wheel

Jul 8, 2014

Isaac Hou spins and swirls, gracefully riding a Cyr wheel in the streets and abandoned buildings of Taiwan. Well known as a local street performer, juggler, and acrobat, fan videos of his performances have gone viral before, but this short from Kuma Films really showcases the New Jersey native’s quick spinning moves, especially in the slow motion shots.

Ever Dream of This Man?

May 30, 2014


Now for some news of the weird variety. There have been thousands of unrelated accounts of people having dreams with this ugly dude in them. All the accounts say they have never met the guy, and they all refer to him as “This Man”. Crazy right? There are all kinds of crazy theories out there. Some people say he’s the conglomeration of all the world’s faces, but seriously guys, how many unibrows out there have that level of snickers-bar-ness? Here at Krash Co., we leave it up to you to decide.

Have you seen this man? Report it to our radness hotline.

Find out more at This Man’s official website.

Daddy Cool

May 23, 2014

Give it up for Daddy Cool you guys. King of Rad. Master of Style. President of Cool.

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